Fabulous Heat Diffusers for a Glass Top Stove

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Anyone who owns a glass top stove can tell you how great they are. You can cook your meals without having to worry about getting burned by the burner because the way they work is by magnetism, and the heat will only work directly with the metal of your saucepans. This happens to be its one great limitation as well. You cannot cook with anything but certain metals on the cooker. This is where a heat diffuser which works with a glass top stove comes in really handy and can expand your horizons and cooking options.

This article will look at some fabulous heat diffusers available today for the use with glass stoves. To whittle down the heat diffusers available some criteria has been used. The first is that they have to work exceptionally well with a glass cooker. Added onto this they have to be robust, and able to last the distance. The last criteria is perhaps the most important: they have to be well regarded by those who have purchased them. To this end you will find that all of the heat diffusers featured on this article are highly rated when reviewed by the majority of purchasers.

Ilsa 7-Inch Cast Iron Heat Defuser

Ilsa 7-Inch Cast Iron Heat Defuser
The Ilsa 7-Inch Cast Iron Heat Diffuser has been specifically designed to eliminate unwanted hot spots. It is made of cast iron which makes it perfect for use on glass top stoves. With the addition of this plate under tagines, or clay cookware you can effectively use your stove with these items. It is also great if you would love to use cast iron cookware but you are concerned about the weight of it.

This cast iron diffuser is very, very effective at its job, and it works extremely well with a glass cooktop. Perhaps its only downfall is that there have been reports of the paint on it bubbling and coming off after repeated uses. This seems to be more prevalent with users who’ve used it on gas and propane stoves, though. Given that it is cast iron, it does get hot and retain the heat, so be careful not to touch it while in use, and straight after cooking. It will need some time to cool down as well. Needless to say this diffuser will last the distance, and you will be using it for years to come.

This diffuser is best for people like the idea of cooking with cast iron, but without the weight of cast iron cookware.

Simmer Mat Diffuser

Flame Tamer Simmer Ring
If you are after an effective heat diffuser but would prefer something a bit lighter than cast iron the Simmer Mat Diffuser is a great alternative. It is constructed of zero carbon steel, which means that it transfers heat evenly and consistently across its whole surface. The steel construction also means that it works very effectively with a glass top stove.

This diffuser works well at any heat, so you do not have to worry about only using it at low temperatures. It has been specifically designed to not only distribute heat evenly, but retain that heat as well, so what this means for you is that, in a lot of cases, not only will you be able to cook with cookware you couldn’t before, but with your regular cookware you can cook at a lower heat. This will save on power, especially when cooking slow sauces and the likes.

This simmer mat is a great overall addition to any kitchen with a glass top stove.

Flame Tamer Simmer Ring

Simmer Mat Diffuser
The Flame Tamer SIMMER Ring Aluminum HEAT Diffuser is by far the cheapest of the heat diffusers featured in this article. As the name suggests it is made of aluminum, which makes it extremely light weight and sturdy. It is the only one of the heat diffusers featured in this article which comes with its own handle, and this makes it easy to remove after use, if you are worried about burns while keeping it on the stove while it cools.

The handle itself is the weak point of this diffuser. This is because you are meant to keep the diffuser under the pot for the duration of the cooking, and where there is heat it will bleed into the handle. Also, the overall design of this diffuser is for use at low heat, not for higher heat cooking, and it will rust if you consistently use it at higher heat. Given these limitations it does work well when diffusing heat, and at the price, you can easily replace it once it has done its duty. You will find it heats faster than the cast iron or zero carbon steel models featured here, so if this is a consideration, then this will work well for you.

If you want a diffuser that heats fast, and are not as concerned about it lasting the distance, then this heat diffuser is worth the small purchase price.

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